Celeste Buie, BSME, CMT, CCIe
Instructor, Facilitator
About the Practitioner

Celeste Buie has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and worked in the automotive industry for 3 years.  During her last semester of school, she attended a CARE training wanting to learn more about therapeutic essential oils and her life changed during that weekend. Drawn by the powerful results she experienced, she saught additional training throughout the 3 years she worked as an engineer and desired to help others achieve improved health.

Celeste became a CARE Instructor in 2007 with the approval to teach Ancient Oils of Scripture, Applied VitaFlex, Raindrop I, and Raindrop II.  In 2008, she earned a certificate in massage.  Adding the certification to teach Emotional Release in 2010, the only class yet to be certified to teach is Chemistry of Essential Oils, and she will be a Full Certified Instructor.

She hopes her work will offer the beginning of awareness of possibilities for mental health professionals, health care providers, therapists, insurance carriers, fellowships, support groups, and others to consider the application of therapeutic grade essential oils with Raindrop and Emotional Release Techniques.

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