Celeste Buie, BSME, CMT, CCIe
Instructor, Facilitator
Vibrational Raindrop Technique

This is a technique that took Raindrop to the next level.  I experienced it for myself and was trained in 2011.

What it is:
Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) offers the benefits of regular Raindrop Technique, with the addition of using tuning forks during the session.  The vibration given by the tuning forks enhances the benefits of the essential oils used, helping them deliver their healing at a deeper level as well as helping to balance the body's energy.

Reported Experiences:
One client reports more mobility in her shoulder.  She first came in for a cramped muscle between her spine and shoulder blade, which reduced neck, shoulder, and arm flexibility and just overall made her grouchy.  She said the muscle as well as her mood were much improved afterward.

I experienced my first VRT while a collegue was learning how to do it.  Even though it was a process with many stops and starts, I still benefited greatly from it.  The location of the class was outside near St. Louis, Missouri in mid-July, with no air conditioning.  Needless to say, by the afternoon, all I could think about was getting in my car and blasting the air.  Once I cooled off, I realized how much energy I had. The day before, I felt drained after working in that heat.  I also realized that I was in a better mood and had a positive outlook for the classes the following day.  That night, I slept solid through the night.  Something I found interesting was that my usually tense shoulders were no longer tense and they didn't tense up after carrying them through the airports on the way home either.

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